We are are a full market, yet are accepting applications for our 2019 market season for some specialty products and fill in or visiting vendors. 


The application will answer many questions we may both have and streamlines our process. Please click below on ‘Read Market Rules Here’ before applying to be aware of the rules you are committing to abide by, and please fully read this page as it may answer some of the basic questions people often have. All potential vendors must submit an application to be considered for our 2019 market.  Submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance, nor response. The Application is an online form, quick and easy to fill out. 

If you have an interest in joining us as a new vendor for this coming season, please fill out this application and we will review it. We will notify you if we have any openings in the market.   Note that we are a producer only market; i.e. you must grow it, produce it or raise it to vend at our market.  Our permit does not allow art/crafts/handmade goods that are not farm products.

2019 Vendor Application

Read Market Rules Here

Note that our marketing efforts for the Richland Park Farmers Market will include a weekly email to customers. If you would like to add to this email with weekly specials, new in season products (like berries), please email the manager the week before for inclusion in our email. Email for comments or questions, please contact us at manager@richlandparkfarmersmarket.com Also please note that all vendors are expected to make marketing efforts and it is not the sole responsibility of the market to promote your business.

Booth space is assigned by the manager on a first come basis. Priority will be given to returning vendors and regular vendors will have the same booth location assigned when possible.

All vendors must provide proof of general liability coverage at a minimum amount of $1,000,000.00 and name the market as an additional insured.  A current certificate must be provided before vending at the market and will remain on file with the market.

Booth fees will be assessed a Base fee of $15.00 per market booth space for sales of $0.00 to $200.00. For each increment $100.00 of sales over $200.00, an additional $5.00 is collected. For example: if you sell $616.00 in goods, your fee would be $40.00.    Fees are collected at the end of market daily.

Note that we are not allowed to have craft vendors at our market in the park.