We are a rain or shine market!

You will always find us on Saturday mornings!

Throughout the year our farmers and artisan food producers bring the very best for you! Everything at our market is grown or produced within 150 miles, yet most of it is from even closer! Some of our farms are just ten miles away, and some of the specialty foods are produced just one block away!

Our produce is seasonal and the most fresh that you will find! Taste the difference in your veggies harvested just days before you eat it, grown in carefully tended to soil. Our meats and eggs are pasture raised in the true sense.

Here you will buy veggies and meats from the hands that nurtured them. If you don’t see an organic label, you can ask your farmer how they grow, and you may find that their methods are even better than organic.

We are excited to serve our community and are passionate about what we do every day to feed you.

Our farmers and vendors bring seasonal goods to the market, so please understand that not everything is available at all times. We love the anticipation of the harvest of our favorites each year, and it makes enjoying them all the more special! The joy of the first strawberries of the season soon turn into the excitement of the first tomato sandwich, cucumber salad, okra and eggplant, green beans and radishes, winter squash and greens, and circle back around each year.

We always have your staples of bread, milk, eggs, cheese, baked goods, poultry and meats, prepared foods, and seasonal veggies. We range from 15-20 vendors in the Winter months, to 45-55 vendors Spring through Fall.